We are all unique and therefore interact in different and unpredictable ways. My research interests are directed at such user-related issues, and lie at the intersection of human-computer interaction and cognitive science. Above all, I value creative thinking and novel solutions.

No, svenjick is not the name of a Swedish interior-design product. It’s simply the name by which you’ll find me online (yes, there are a several “Nicolas Jones” online).

I graduated in computer science at Lausanne’s Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). In 2006 I joined Dr. Pearl Pu’s Human Computer Interaction (HCI) group to carry out my Ph.D. From July 2010 until March 2011, I had the chance of conducting a post-doc in Prof. Anne Boyer’s Knowledge Information and Web Intelligence (KIWI) team at LORIA, in Nancy (France).

My research has mainly been in the field of recommender systems. I have investigated some key factors which might lead users to accept an item recommended by the system, before eventually deciding to adopt it on a more regular basis. One particular focus was on diversity among recommended items. For the first time, Dr. S. Castagnos and I were able to show that users need some diversity (and not just accuracy) in order to finalise their choice before a purchase.

Another research theme has been to re-think users’ interactions to improve algorithms. Today’s popular five-star rating scales can create up to 40% of data noise or inconsistencies. We proposed a simple comparisons modality. With multiple users-studies, we showed that our approach can be 20% more stable, and highly appreciated by users.

In parallel with my studies I co-created an Internet services company, were I pursued my interest for modern and novel interaction mechanisms whilst acquiring strong web-related experience (project management and development).

Oh, and I love photography and music.

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